Accepted Papers

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808-1788 Electrocardiogram arrhythmia detection with novel signal processing and persistent homology-derived predictors
Authors: Hunter Dlugas
Accept 21/May/2024
797-1777 A benchmark dataset for the retail multiskilled personnel planning under uncertain demand
Authors: César Augusto Henao, Andrés Felipe Porto, Virginia I. González
Accept 10/Jun/2024
779-1759 Measuring Data Drift with the Unstable Population Indicator
Authors: Marcel Haas, Lisette Sibbald
Accept 15/Jan/2024
755-1735 DWAEF: a deep weighted average ensemble framework harnessing novel indicators for sarcasm detection
Authors: Richa Sharma, Simrat Deol, Udit Kaushish, Prakher Pandey, Vishal Maurya
Accept 06/Jun/2023
724-1704 Towards Time-Evolving Analytics: Online Learning for Time-Dependent Evolving Data Streams
Authors: Emanuele Della Valle, Giacomo Ziffer, Alessio Bernardo, Vitor Cerqueira, Albert Bifet
Accept 22/Nov/2022
720-1700 Recommending Scientific Datasets Using Author Networks in Ensemble Methods
Authors: Xu Wang, Frank van Harmelen, Zhisheng Huang
Accept 18/May/2022
708-1688 Implementation of Marketplace Data in the Production of Consumer Price Index in Indonesia
Authors: Setia Pramana, Muhammad Ghozy Al Haqqoni
Accept 14/Oct/2021
706-1686 Packaging research artefacts with RO-Crate
Authors: Stian Soiland-Reyes, Peter Sefton, Mercè Crosas, Leyla Jael Castro, Frederik Coppens, José M. Fernández, Daniel Garijo, Björn Grüning, Marco La Rosa, Simone Leo, Eoghan Ó Carragáin, Marc Portier, Ana Trisovic, RO-Crate   Community, Paul Groth, Carole Goble
Accept 11/Apr/2023
699-1679 A Systematic Review on Privacy-Preserving Distributed Data Mining
Authors: Chang Sun, Lianne Ippel, Andre Dekker, Michel Dumontier, Johan van Soest
Accept 11/Apr/2023
698-1678 Automatic de-identification of Data Download Packages
Authors: Laura Boeschoten, Roos Voorvaart, Ruben Van Den Goorbergh, Casper Kaandorp, Martine G De Vos
Accept 27/Jul/2021
696-1676 Arangopipe, a Tool for Machine Learning Meta-Data Management
Authors: Rajiv Sambasivan, Jörg Schad, Christopher Woodward
Accept 16/Jul/2021
679-1659 BioVenn - an R and Python package for the comparison and visualization of biological lists using area-proportional Venn diagrams
Authors: Tim Hulsen
Accept 01/Mar/2021
671-1651 The complex link between filter bubbles and opinion polarization
Authors: Michael Maes, Marijn Keijzer
Accept 10/Jan/2022
670-1650 Deep Learning based Network Similarity for Model Selection
Authors: Kushal Veer, Ajay kumar verma, Lovekesh vig
Accept 14/Jun/2021
664-1644 WORCS: A Workflow for Open Reproducible Code in Science
Authors: Caspar Van Lissa, Andreas M. Brandmaier, Loek Brinkman, Anna-Lena Lamprecht, Aaron Peikert, Marijn E. Struiksma, Barbara Vreede
Accept 23/Jan/2021
633-1613 Application of Concepts of Neighbours to Knowledge Graph Completion
Authors: Sébastien Ferré
Accept 18/Jun/2020
621-1601 Reinforcement learning for personalization: a systematic literature review
Authors: Floris den Hengst, Eoin Martino Grua, Ali el Hassouni, Mark Hoogendoorn
Accept 23/Mar/2020
608-1588 Modelling and Predicting User Engagement in Mobile Applications
Authors: Eduardo Barbaro, Eoin Martino Grua, Ivano Malavolta, Mirjana Stercevic, Esther Weusthof, Jeroen van den Hoven
Accept 07/Oct/2019
606-1586 Towards FAIR principles for research software
Authors: Anna-Lena Lamprecht, Leyla Jael Castro, Mateusz Kuzak, Carlos Martinez, Ricardo Arcila, Eva Martin, Victoria Dominguez Del Angel, Stephanie van de Sandt, Jon Ison, Paula Andrea Martinez, Peter McQuilton, Alfonso Valencia, Jennifer Harrow, Fotis Psomopoulos, Josep Ll. Gelpi, Neil Chue Hong, Carole Goble, Salvador Capella-Gutierrez
Accept 04/Nov/2019
603-1583 String of PURLs: Frugal Migration and Maintenance of Persistent Identifiers
Authors: James A. Overton, Michael Cuffaro, Christopher Mungall
Accept 16/Sep/2019
596-1576 Collecting, exploring and sharing personal data: why, how and where
Authors: Vero Estrada-Galiñanes, Katarzyna Wac
Accept 29/Sep/2019
582-1562 HOBBIT: A Platform for Benchmarking Big Linked Data
Authors: Michael Röder, Denis Kuchelev, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
Accept 22/Aug/2019
575-1555 The Ten Commandments of Translational Research Informatics
Authors: Tim Hulsen
Accept 10/Aug/2019
570-1550 Reducing the Effort for Systematic Reviews in Software Engineering
Authors: Francesco Osborne, Henry Muccini, Patricia Lago, Enrico Motta
Accept 08/Jul/2019
566-1546 Scholarly Publishing on the Blockchain - From Smart Papers to Smart Informetrics
Authors: Michal Hoffman, Luis-Daniel Ibáñez, Elena Simperl
Accept 26/May/2019
562-1542 Towards a scientific data framework to support scientific model development
Authors: Gabriele Scalia, Matteo Pelucchi, Alessandro Stagni, Alberto Cuoci, Tiziano Faravelli, Barbara Pernici
Accept 21/Jun/2019
558-1538 PIDs, please play FAIR and identify yourselves!
Authors: Joakim Philipson
Accept 11/Oct/2019
551-1531 Enabling text search on SPARQL-endpoints through OSCAR
Authors: Ivan Heibi, Silvio Peroni, David Shotton
Accept 21/Jun/2019
550-1530 Geographical trends in academic conferences: an analysis on authors' affiliations
Authors: Andrea Mannocci, Francesco Osborne, Enrico Motta
Accept 21/Jun/2019
537-1517 Advancing sustainability: using smartphones to study environmental behavior in a field-experimental setup
Authors: Viktoria Spaiser, Davide Luzzatti, Aliki Gregoriou
Accept 06/May/2020