Accepted Papers

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603-1583 String of PURLs: Frugal Migration and Maintenance of Persistent Identifiers
Authors: James A., Michael Cuffaro, Christopher Mungall
Accept 27/Aug/2019
582-1562 HOBBIT: A Platform for Benchmarking Big Linked Data
Authors: Michael Röder, Denis Kuchelev, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
Accept 22/Aug/2019
575-1555 The Ten Commandments of Translational Research Informatics
Authors: Tim Hulsen
Accept 10/Aug/2019
570-1550 Reducing the Effort for Systematic Reviews in Software Engineering
Authors: Francesco Osborne, Henry Muccini, Patricia Lago, Enrico Motta
Accept 08/Jul/2019
566-1546 Scholarly Publishing on the Blockchain - From Smart Papers to Smart Informetrics
Authors: Michal Hoffman, Luis-Daniel Ibáñez, Elena Simperl
Accept 26/May/2019
562-1542 Towards a scientific data framework to support scientific model development
Authors: Gabriele Scalia, Matteo Pelucchi, Alessandro Stagni, Alberto Cuoci, Tiziano Faravelli, Barbara Pernici
Accept 21/Jun/2019
558-1538 PIDs, please play FAIR and identify yourselves!
Authors: Joakim Philipson
Accept 11/Sep/2019
551-1531 Enabling text search on SPARQL-endpoints through OSCAR
Authors: Ivan Heibi, Silvio Peroni, David Shotton
Accept 21/Jun/2019
550-1530 Geographical trends in academic conferences: an analysis on authors' affiliations
Authors: Andrea Mannocci, Francesco Osborne, Enrico Motta
Accept 21/Jun/2019
537-1517 Advancing sustainability: using smartphones to study environmental behavior in a field-experimental setup
Authors: Viktoria Spaiser, Davide Luzzatti, Aliki Gregoriou
Accept 31/Jul/2018
513-1493 Genuine Semantic Publishing
Authors: Tobias Kuhn, Michel Dumontier
Accept 20/Sep/2017
511-1491 Automating Semantic Publishing
Authors: Silvio Peroni
Accept 26/Sep/2017
509-1489 Thoughtful Artificial Intelligence: Forging A New Partnership for Data Science and Scientific Discovery
Authors: Yolanda Gil
Accept 26/Sep/2017
482-1462 Ten years of Stream Reasoning. Now what?
Authors: Daniele Dell'Aglio, Emanuele Della Valle, Frank van Harmelen, Abraham Bernstein
Accept 13/Jul/2017
465-1445 The Knowledge Graph as the Default Data Model for Machine Learning
Authors: Xander Wilcke, Peter Bloem, Victor de Boer
Accept 20/Sep/2017
461-1441 Cross-disciplinary Higher Education of Data Science - Beyond the Computer Science Student
Authors: Evangelos Pournaras
Accept 20/Sep/2017
460-1440 The integration of the data scientist into the team: implications and challenges
Authors: Manisha Desai
Accept 20/Sep/2017
457-1437 Valorizing ‘Omics Visualization for Discovery
Authors: Christine Chichester
Accept 13/Jul/2017
440-1420 Data Science and Symbolic AI: synergies, challenges and opportunities
Authors: Robert Hoehndorf, Núria Queralt-Rosinach
Accept 13/Jul/2017
432-1412 Maintaining intellectual diversity in data science
Authors: Richard Mann, Olivia Woolley-Meza
Accept 13/Jul/2017
426-1406 Conflict Forecasting and its Limits
Authors: Thomas Chadefaux
Accept 13/Jul/2017
419-1399 Knowledge-based Data Science
Authors: Lawrence Hunter
Accept 13/Jul/2017