HOBBIT: A Platform for Benchmarking Big Linked Data

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Paul Groth

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Resource Paper


An increasing number of solutions aim to support the steady increase of the number of requirements and requestsfor Linked Data at scale. This plethora of solutions leads to a growing need for objective means that facilitate the selectionof adequate solutions for particular use cases. We hence present HOBBIT, a distributed benchmarking platform designed for the unified execution of benchmarks for Linked Data solutions. The HOBBIT benchmarking platform is based on the FAIR principles and is the first benchmarking platform able to scale up to benchmarking real-world scenarios for Big Linked Datasolutions. Our online instance of the platform has more than 300 registered users and more than 13000 experiments were executed. It has also been used in eleven benchmarking challenges. We give an overview of the results achieved during 2 of these challenges and point to some of the novel insights that were gained from the results of the platform. HOBBIT is open-source and available at http://github.com/hobbit-project.



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FAIR Data, Systems and Analysis

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Friday, June 7, 2019

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

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