Accepted Papers

Tracking # Title Decision Updated
460-1440 The integration of the data scientist into the team: implications and challenges
Authors: Manisha Desai
Accept 20/Sep/2017
457-1437 Valorizing ‘Omics Visualization for Discovery
Authors: Christine Chichester
Accept 13/Jul/2017
440-1420 Data Science and Symbolic AI: synergies, challenges and opportunities
Authors: Robert Hoehndorf, Núria Queralt-Rosinach
Accept 13/Jul/2017
432-1412 Maintaining intellectual diversity in data science
Authors: Richard Mann, Olivia Woolley-Meza
Accept 13/Jul/2017
426-1406 Conflict Forecasting and its Limits
Authors: Thomas Chadefaux
Accept 13/Jul/2017
419-1399 Knowledge-based Data Science
Authors: Lawrence Hunter
Accept 13/Jul/2017