Reviewed Papers

Tracking # Title Status Responsible editor
419-1399 Knowledge-based Data Science Accept Tobias Kuhn
426-1406 Conflict Forecasting and its Limits Accept Tobias Kuhn
428-1408 SSIX Big Data Technologies and Methods for Leveraging Social Sentiment Data in Multiple Business Domains Reject Tobias Kuhn
432-1412 Maintaining intellectual diversity in data science Accept Tobias Kuhn
440-1420 Data Science and Symbolic AI: synergies, challenges and opportunities Accept Tobias Kuhn
457-1437 Valorizing ‘Omics Visualization for Discovery Accept Tobias Kuhn
460-1440 The integration of the data scientist into the team: implications and challenges Accept Tobias Kuhn
461-1441 Cross-disciplinary Higher Education of Data Science - Beyond the Computer Science Student Accept Tobias Kuhn
465-1445 The Knowledge Graph as the Default Data Model for Machine Learning Accept Michel Dumontier
482-1462 Ten years of Stream Reasoning. Now what? Accept Tobias Kuhn
486-1466 Computational Social Science to Gauge Online Extremism Reject Tobias Kuhn
491-1471 Transitioning “Open Data” from a NOUN to a VERB Reject (Pre-Screening)
492-1472 OntoLDA: An Ontology-based Topic Model for Automatic Topic Labeling Reject Victor de Boer
495-1475 Automatic navigation of wall-following mobile robot using a hybrid metaheuristic assisted neural network Reject (Pre-Screening)
509-1489 Thoughtful Artificial Intelligence: Forging A New Partnership for Data Science and Scientific Discovery Accept Michel Dumontier
510-1490 Requirement Based Testability Estimation Model of Object Oriented Software Reject (Pre-Screening)
511-1491 Automating Semantic Publishing Accept Michel Dumontier
513-1493 Genuine Semantic Publishing Accept Silvio Peroni
514-1494 Class Imbalance Learning of Defective Prone Modules Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Reject Evangelos Pournaras
517-1497 A Categorical Data Model, Equivalence, Integral Invariants Reject (Pre-Screening)
527-1507 Efficient Similarity Measures for Clustering a Huge Dataset: A Critical Review Reject Olivia Woolley-Meza
528-1508 MarketRecommenderSystem using machine learning by applying Stochastic gradient descent method Reject (Pre-Screening)
529-1509 Methodology for the Construction of Ontologies: An Interdisciplinary Proposal Reject Oscar Corcho
530-1510 Task Recommender System using Semantic Clustering Task Recommender System using Semantic Clustering to Identify the Right Personnel Reject Michael Maes
531-1511 Big data:Case Study Analysis of Meteorological and Oceanographic Data on Hive Reject (Pre-Screening)
533-1513 Welfare Without Taxation - Autonomous production revenues for Universal Basic Income Reject (Pre-Screening)
534-1514 Network Analysis of the Twitter Population Exploiting the Homophily Concept, a Machine Learning Approach Reject (Pre-Screening)
536-1516 Geometry and Machine Learning: A Survey for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Researchers Reject Karin Verspoor
537-1517 Advancing sustainability: using smartphones to study environmental behavior in a field-experimental setup Accept Thomas Chadefaux