Reviewed Papers

Tracking # Title Status Responsible editor
791-1771 EVE Pilot: Operational Data from an Electric Car in France Reject Christine Chichester
797-1777 A benchmark dataset for the retail multiskilled personnel planning under uncertain demand Accept Tobias Kuhn
798-1778 RFID monitoring system using Machine Learning: A Design Thinking approach for smarter attendance solutions Reject (Pre-Screening)
801-1781 Enhancing Tabular Data Analysis for Classification of Airline Passenger Satisfaction using TabNet Deep Neural Network Reject (Pre-Screening)
804-1784 Smart Ways to Reduce Gas Fees for NFT Platforms on the Polygon Blockchain Reject (Pre-Screening)
805-1785 Maximizing Efficiency in Smart Contract Execution Costs Techniques for Cost Optimization on Blockchain Networks Reject (Pre-Screening)
806-1786 Threshold Cryptography with smart contract using zk-STARKs Reject (Pre-Screening)
807-1787 Image Security Using Visual Cryptography and Deep Learning Methods Reject (Pre-Screening)
808-1788 Electrocardiogram arrhythmia detection with novel signal processing and persistent homology-derived predictors Accept Karin Verspoor
809-1789 Optimal Nutrition: Tailored Diet Planning and Personalized Recommendations Reject (Pre-Screening)
810-1790 Automated Dermatological Condition Identification System Reject (Pre-Screening)
811-1791 Asset Monitoring System Reject (Pre-Screening)
812-1792 Detecting Vitamin Deficiences using MobileNet Reject (Pre-Screening)
813-1793 Exercise Tracking System Reject (Pre-Screening)
814-1794 Prediction of Economic Indices through Machine Learning Reject (Pre-Screening)
815-1795 Chime Cry:Deciphering Infants Cry Reject (Pre-Screening)
816-1796 The Use of Bézier Interpolation for Numerical Integration of Uneven Data Reject (Pre-Screening)