Reviewed Papers

Tracking # Title Status Responsible editor
582-1562 HOBBIT: A Platform for Benchmarking Big Linked Data Accept Paul Groth
588-1568 FAIR Phenotyping with APHRODITE Reject Paul Groth
596-1576 Collecting, exploring and sharing personal data: why, how and where Accept Robert Hoehndorf
603-1583 String of PURLs: Frugal Migration and Maintenance of Persistent Identifiers Accept Michel Dumontier
606-1586 Towards FAIR principles for research software Accept Paul Groth
608-1588 Modelling and Predicting User Engagement in Mobile Applications Accept Jodi Schneider
615-1595 An Overview of Weather Forecasting Model for Bangladesh Using Regression Based Machine Learning Techniques Reject Tobias Kuhn
620-1600 TriVec: Knowledge Graph Embeddings for Accurate and Efficient Link Prediction in Real World Application Scenarios Undecided Frank van Harmelen
621-1601 Reinforcement learning for personalization: a systematic literature review Accept Izabela Moise
624-1604 Deep Learning based Network Similarity for Model Selection Undecided Michael Maes
626-1606 A Novel Machine Learning Algorithm for Classifying Mortality Risk Patients for Intensive Care Unit Admissions Reject Michael Krauthammer
628-1608 Supervised Learning Inspired Fast Forecasting Model of 2019-nCoV Outbreak using Small Dataset Reject Christine Chichester
629-1609 The complex link between filter bubbles and opinion polarization Undecided Victor de Boer
630-1610 Market Recommender System using machine learning by applying Stochastic gradient descent method Reject (Pre-Screening)
631-1611 Towards improving machine learning algorithms accuracy by benefiting from similarities between cases Reject (Pre-Screening)
632-1612 Cumulative bayesian ridge for handling missing data Reject (Pre-Screening)
633-1613 Application of Concepts of Neighbours to Knowledge Graph Completion Accept Tobias Kuhn
634-1614 Systematic Review of Machine Learning Applied to Finance andAccounting Reject (Pre-Screening)
635-1615 Open Data: The Implications on Privacy in Healthcare Research Reject (Pre-Screening) Tim Clark
636-1616 Experimental Approach for Big Data Analysis using Machine Learning Techniques Reject (Pre-Screening)
638-1618 The Analysis and Forecasting COVID-19 Cases in the United States Using Bayesian Structural Time Series Models Reject (Pre-Screening)
639-1619 Time Series Analysis for An Experimental data of Lithium-ion Battery Reject (Pre-Screening)
640-1620 Analysis to Mammal Studies Based on Mammal Sleep Data Reject (Pre-Screening)
642-1622 The Role of State-wide Stay-at-home Policies on Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in the United States: A Deterministic SIR Model Reject (Pre-Screening) Olivia Woolley-Meza
643-1623 A Comparative Review between Programming Tools used in Data Science Reject (Pre-Screening)
645-1625 Data Mining Study and Analyzing Households Consumption Patterns: Case of Iran Reject (Pre-Screening)
647-1627 The Dark side of Big data Reject (Pre-Screening)
648-1628 FAKE NEWS DETECTION ON SOCIAL MEDIA Reject (Pre-Screening)
649-1629 Decision based Method for Big Data Analysis Reject (Pre-Screening)