Reviewed Papers

Tracking # Title Status Responsible editor
582-1562 HOBBIT: A Platform for Benchmarking Big Linked Data Accept Paul Groth
588-1568 FAIR Phenotyping with APHRODITE Reject Paul Groth
596-1576 Collecting, exploring and sharing personal data: why, how and where Accept Robert Hoehndorf
603-1583 String of PURLs: Frugal Migration and Maintenance of Persistent Identifiers Accept Michel Dumontier
606-1586 Towards FAIR principles for research software Accept Paul Groth
608-1588 Modelling and Predicting User Engagement in Mobile Applications Accept Jodi Schneider
615-1595 An Overview of Weather Forecasting Model for Bangladesh Using Regression Based Machine Learning Techniques Reject Tobias Kuhn
620-1600 TriVec: Knowledge Graph Embeddings for Accurate and Efficient Link Prediction in Real World Application Scenarios Reject Frank van Harmelen
621-1601 Reinforcement learning for personalization: a systematic literature review Accept Izabela Moise
626-1606 A Novel Machine Learning Algorithm for Classifying Mortality Risk Patients for Intensive Care Unit Admissions Reject Michael Krauthammer
628-1608 Supervised Learning Inspired Fast Forecasting Model of 2019-nCoV Outbreak using Small Dataset Reject Christine Chichester
633-1613 Application of Concepts of Neighbours to Knowledge Graph Completion Accept Tobias Kuhn
664-1644 WORCS: A Workflow for Open Reproducible Code in Science Accept Tobias Kuhn
670-1650 Deep Learning based Network Similarity for Model Selection Accept Michael Maes
671-1651 The complex link between filter bubbles and opinion polarization Accept Victor de Boer
679-1659 BioVenn - an R and Python package for the comparison and visualization of biological lists using area-proportional Venn diagrams Accept Gargi Datta
691-1671 Analysis of machine learning methods for COVID-19 detection using serum raman spectroscopy Reject Manik Sharma
696-1676 Arangopipe, a Tool for Machine Learning Meta-Data Management Accept Brian Davis
698-1678 Automatic de-identification of Data Download Packages Accept Thomas Maillart
699-1679 A Systematic Review on Privacy-Preserving Distributed Data Mining Accept Karin Verspoor
706-1686 Packaging research artefacts with RO-Crate Accept Silvio Peroni
708-1688 Implementation of Marketplace Data in the Production of Consumer Price Index in Indonesia Accept Evangelos Pournaras
720-1700 Recommending Scientific Datasets Using Author Networks in Ensemble Methods Accept Stephen Pettifer
724-1704 Towards Time-Evolving Analytics: Online Learning for Time-Dependent Evolving Data Streams Accept Robert Hoehndorf
734-1714 Mining Timed Sequential Patterns: The Minits-AllOcc Technique Reject Richard Mann
742-1722 Time-Series Analysis for Forecasting Climate Parameters of Kashmir Valley Using ARIMA and Seasonal ARIMA Model. Reject Thomas Chadefaux
744-1724 GrapesNet: Indian RGB & RGB-D Vineyard Image Datasets Reject Tobias Kuhn
755-1735 DWAEF: a deep weighted average ensemble framework harnessing novel indicators for sarcasm detection Accept Tobias Kuhn
779-1759 Measuring Data Drift with the Unstable Population Indicator Accept Gargi Datta