Technology for reduction feature space for classification immunosignature data

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Núria Queralt Rosinach

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Position Paper


Random sequences of peptides in a microchip make it possible to generate specific immunosignatures that can diagnose various diseases. A large number of features does not allow for the quick and efficient analysis of such data. In this study, we propose technology to reduce feature space using various methods. The proposed technology makes it possible with minimal computational costs to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the classification of immunosignature data. The technology was tested on samples formed from a set of real data with the introduction of noise at various levels. The efficiency of the proposed technology on all test samples with various classifiers used for further data analysis is shown. .



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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

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I decided to reject this manuscript as three out of 4 reviewers (with high reviewer confidence on the topic) had an overall bad impression and suggested to reject it, while one reviewer (with medium reviewer confidence) is undecided. They all agree that the manuscript is poorly written which makes its review difficult, with poor, unclear and insufficient description of fundamental parts of a paper: the research question, method, experimental design, evaluation and discussion.

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