Accepted Papers

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708-1688 Implementation of Marketplace Data in the Production of Consumer Price Index in Indonesia
Authors: Setia Pramana, Muhammad Ghozy Al Haqqoni
Accept 14/Oct/2021
671-1651 The complex link between filter bubbles and opinion polarization
Authors: Michael Maes, Marijn Keijzer
Accept 10/Jan/2022
720-1700 Recommending Scientific Datasets Using Author Networks in Ensemble Methods
Authors: Xu Wang, Frank van Harmelen, Zhisheng Huang
Accept 18/May/2022
724-1704 Towards Time-Evolving Analytics: Online Learning for Time-Dependent Evolving Data Streams
Authors: Emanuele Della Valle, Giacomo Ziffer, Alessio Bernardo, Vitor Cerqueira, Albert Bifet
Accept 22/Nov/2022
511-1491 Automating Semantic Publishing
Authors: Silvio Peroni
Accept 11/Apr/2023
513-1493 Genuine Semantic Publishing
Authors: Tobias Kuhn, Michel Dumontier
Accept 11/Apr/2023
699-1679 A Systematic Review on Privacy-Preserving Distributed Data Mining
Authors: Chang Sun, Lianne Ippel, Andre Dekker, Michel Dumontier, Johan van Soest
Accept 11/Apr/2023
706-1686 Packaging research artefacts with RO-Crate
Authors: Stian Soiland-Reyes, Peter Sefton, Mercè Crosas, Leyla Jael Castro, Frederik Coppens, José M. Fernández, Daniel Garijo, Björn Grüning, Marco La Rosa, Simone Leo, Eoghan Ó Carragáin, Marc Portier, Ana Trisovic, RO-Crate   Community, Paul Groth, Carole Goble
Accept 11/Apr/2023
755-1735 DWAEF: a deep weighted average ensemble framework harnessing novel indicators for sarcasm detection
Authors: Richa Sharma, Simrat Deol, Udit Kaushish, Prakher Pandey, Vishal Maurya
Accept 06/Jun/2023
779-1759 Measuring Data Drift with the Unstable Population Indicator
Authors: Marcel Haas, Lisette Sibbald
Accept 15/Jan/2024
797-1777 A benchmark dataset for the retail multiskilled personnel planning under uncertain demand
Authors: César Augusto Henao, Andrés Felipe Porto, Virginia I. González
Accept 04/Mar/2024