Role of Statistics in the response of Indian Covid–19 pandemic and post pandemic

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Bikram Kar

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Research Paper


Covid-19 virus is at present a global threat. Scientists and medical practitioners are working hard to defeat this dreadful virus. In parallel, Statistics is used to find quality information in order to fight against Covid-19. Its constant assistance to analyze Covid-19 data is well-accepted to see the trends and future spread of the virus. In the present study, apart from the necessary literature on Covid-19 pandemic, a classic literature review specifically on Indian Covid-19 cases is added to show a layout on Covid-19 scenario and the actions taken during pandemic and post pandemic time. Truly, most of the actions and analysis performed by the researchers are attributed by Statistics. Furthermore, four different Covid-19 datasets (till May 2022) are operated in this study to investigate the effects of the disease, using the essence of Statistics. The investigations are respectively an overall worldwide scenario analysis of Covid-19 cases, analysis to show the worst affected countries in the world, the worst affected states in India, age and gender wise distribution of infected and death cases occurred during Waves I and II in India. The impact of vaccination drives in India is also statistically examined using correlation co-efficient concept. Analysis of growth of herd immunity against Covid-19 in India is another aspect of this study. The study demonstrates the role of Statistics in response of Covid–19 pandemic, including analysis on herd immunity and the impact of Vaccination to fight against Covid-19 pandemic in India.



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Saturday, June 11, 2022

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Thursday, June 16, 2022


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