Data Mining Study and Analyzing Households Consumption Patterns: Case of Iran

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ayoub faramarzi
Ashkan Shabbak
Kaveh Kiani
Mohammad Shiri

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Research Paper


The problem studied in this paper is analyzing Iranian household consumption patterns by data mining study on official statistics which is focuses on microdata for household income and expenditure survey (HIES). As the inflation rate changes in Iran, household consumption patterns will change. The overall purpose of this case study is to analyze the household consumption patterns in Iran. The case study presented in this paper is intended to help decisionmakers to find and understand all the significant relationships and correlations that exist between the conditions that have led to these changes in Iranian household consumption. The HIES aims to hand in estimates on the average income and expenditure for urban and rural households at provincial and national levels. It represents distribution patterns and helps us to calculate the poverty line and study the imparity in household income and facilities. Data mining (DM) techniques and algorithms are promising tools to provide new ways to mine the crucial, complex, and voluminous official data to complement or substitute the traditional and lagged-behind tools that National Statistical Offices (NSOs) have been using.



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Sunday, July 5, 2020

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020


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