Data Science

Methods, Infrastructure, and Applications

an IOS Press journal


Open Access

The journal is open access. The article processing charges are waived for the first year. The exact amount of the charges after the first year is to be determined, but they will be moderate in comparison to other similar journals.

Speedy Reviewing

We are committed to avoid wasting time during the reviewing period. Authors will receive the first decision within weeks rather than months. To achieve that, we ask reviewers to complete their reviews within 10 days.

Open and Attributed Reviews

Reviews are non-anonymous by default (but reviewers can request to stay anonymous). All reviews are made openly available under CC-BY licenses after a decision has been made for the submission (independent of whether the decision was accept or reject). In addition to solicited reviews, everybody is welcome to submit additional reviews and comments for papers that are under review. Editors and non-anonymous reviewers will be mentioned in the published articles.


All submitted papers are made available as pre-prints before the reviewing starts, so reviewers and everybody else are free to not only read but also share submitted papers. Pre-prints will remain available after reviewing, independent of whether the paper was accepted or rejected for publication.

Data Standards

We want to promote an environment where annotated data is produced and shared with the wider research community. We therefore require authors to ensure that any data used or produced in their study are represented with community-based data formats and metadata standards. These data should furthermore be made openly available and freely reusable, unless privacy concerns apply.

Semantic Publishing

We encourage authors to provide (meta)data with formal semantics, as a step towards the vision of semantic publishing to integrate, combine, organize, and reuse scientific knowledge. We plan to experiment with different such approaches, and we will announce more details soon.


We encourage authors to submit their papers in HTML (but we accept Word and LaTeX submissions too).


Everybody needs to provide his/her ORCID identifier. This applies to authors, co-authors, editorial board members, and reviewers.